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Are your tracks REALLY recorded by a 25 piece band?

Yes, our tracks are recorded by The EP PROJECT Band - an Elvis Tribute Band whose core members have been performing together for 7 years. During the conception of this project, we decided we would need to expand from a 9 piece to a 25 piece band. We searched high and low for what we felt were the best players in the Elvis world (ironically, just like Elvis did when he started performing live again at the Hilton), and hand-selected the musicians you hear on the album. That is how we are able to produce such a high-quality, authentic, LIVE sound.

I purchase my tracks from other companies. Why should I buy yours?

Let's face it - Karaoke or backing tracks are generally not LIVE. They are almost entirely MIDI (keyboards). In the Elvis Tribute Artist world, a band is KEY for the performer. The ETA needs to feel the music behind them. They need to hear the same fills, licks, and dynamics as they are heard on the original album in order to perform their best. EP Project allows the performer to bring a "live" band with them in backing track format.

Where are you guys from?

The EP PROJECT Band is based mostly in Vancouver, Canada, though we also have a member in Newark, NJ. and members in Tampa Florida. All EP Project tracks are recorded at LowKey Studios in Mission B.C. Canada.

Does your band perform live?

Yes, the band is available for hire for shows in any configuration that will best suit your budget. Please email us for a quote  Many of the members of the EP PROJECT Team have played in the ETA world for years. It's been a real honor to have played with many top performers, Chris Connor, Shawn Klush, Bill Cherry to name a few.

Why is your product at such a low price?

We believe that PRO quality tracks should be available to all performers, on any budget. In order to bring this album to you at the most affordable price possible, having good tracks not only as a professional but as a beginning Tribute Artist have GOOD tracks will only help not only the performace but will step up the quality of your performance.

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